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Avior Acquires New 5 Axis Machining Center

June 1st, 2019

Avior completed the installation of a new Matsuura 5 axis machining center. This high speed machine will be dedicated for the machining of aluminum. The machine will support the machining of mid-sized part aluminum parts with a working area of 32 inches and a height of 26 inches.

The plan is to incorporate this machine with a smaller 5 axis machining center into an automated cell using a Kuka robot to load and unload production parts. The cell will provide 24/7 operating capacity and will be introduced in CY2021.

The following are the basic specifications of this new machine:

Matsuura MX-850

20,000 RPM
ATC Magazine – 90 tools
Max Work Size: D 32 in. x H 26 in.




Avior Introduces Its First Robotic Automated Machining Cell

January 31st, 2019

Avior completed the installation of its first fully automated machining cell. The cell includes a 5 axis and a 3 axis machining centers operated by a Kuka robot. The system is fully integrated with the companies ERP system and is fed by a conveyor that can load both pallets or blocks of raw material. Using a unique fixturing system the cell provides maximum flexibility and can accommodate changing part numbers without additional set up costs.


The following are the basic specifications of the cell:

Matsuura MX 550

20,000 RPM
ATC Magazine – XX tools
Max work size – xxxxxx

Mazak 51000C-II


Kuka Robo

6 Axis 
Volume of working envelop 55
Rated Payload 90 kg


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