Avior employs a range of assembly processes from the use of mechanical fasteners to using specialized metal to metal bonding. The assembly of mechanical fasteners to our structures such as nutplate installation and riveting is performed where possible using an automated nutplate installer machine. This technology developed through our ACE technology team reduces nutplate installation times from three to four minutes to thirty seconds. When installing over 100,000 nutplates a year, this represents a significant competitive advantage for benchtop assemblies.

Metal to Metal Bonding Fabrication Process

The metal to metal bonding capability includes a fully certified cleanroom for bonding as well as an autoclave for curing and processing. The fabrication of the metal details is located in the same facility and includes machining and profiling of the metal details. The application of an adhesive primer is supported by an approved subcontractor. Following the bonding of the metal details, the assembly is completed with in-house potting of inserts, edge filing, and painting of a primer and topcoat. The final step in the fabrication process is a full array of in-house non-destructive testing to ensure the adhesion of the panels meets customer specifications.

Summary of Our Metal-to-Metal Bonding Capabilities


  • Sandwich bonded panels with aluminum honeycomb core
  • Potting inserts
  • Edge fill
  • Prime and Topcoat


  • Aluminum sheet
  • Aluminum honeycomb core
  • Stainless steel sheet
  • Machined and sheet metal details

Non Destructive Testing

  • Bond testing (pitch and catch)
  • Tap testing
  • Mechanical testing (lap shear, tensile, drum peel, wedge crack testing)


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