Avior manufactures mechanical assemblies that range from a simple bellcrank to more complex flight control assemblies. Part of these assemblies are considered flight-critical components and require a high level of accreditation from our customers. Each part is manufactured using frozen-planning that is reviewed by the customer. Each detail in the assembly requires serialization to ensure traceability at a detail level and goes through a strict dimensional and functional inspection.


The flight-critical mechanical assemblies often require a variety of special processes that require customer approvals. The following specialized processes are all performed in-house.

  • Bearing installation

    • Staking and swaging (torque testing)
    • Proof Load testing (max. 3000 lbs)
  • Component installation

    • Faying surface and fillet sealing
    • Torquing of bolts and nuts
    • Lock wire
    • Electrical bonding preparation
  • Hardware installation

    • Nutplates and standoffs
    • Hi-lok, Hi-Lite, rivets and Cherry Max
  • Bushing installation

    • Thermal fit and interference fit
    • Honing after installation
  • Mechanical bonding

    • Adhesive film bonding
    • Surface preparation
    • 2-components adhesive
  • Wiring harness and assembly

    • Electrical testing

Additional Capabilities

In addition to our in-house fabrication and assembly capabilities, Avior is supported by specialized process shops that provide the following capabilities.

  • Shot peening
  • HVOF
  • Nital etch
  • Passivation
  • Magnetic particle inspection
  • Electro-polishing
  • Broaching
  • Gear shaping
  • Karon V coating
  • Tiodize
  • Cadmium plating

  • Brush cadmium plating
  • Epoxy-zinc primer
  • Thread rolling
  • Teflon coating
Mechanical Assemblies


We support our mechanical assembly products with a broad range of in-house inspection and testing services. The inspection and testing services include the following.

  • Inspection

    • Bearing running torque inspection
    • Torque sealing procedure
  • Functional tests
  • Pressure tests

  • Torque tests
  • Proof load
  • CMM Dimensional


Avior provides flight-critical mechanical assemblies and control surfaces to the highest quality standards. Our in-house aerospace CNC machining capability specializes in the machining of castings and forgings as well as “hog out” details to feed our mechanical assemblies.