A core competency of Avior is our in-house fabrication capability for metallic and composite details. As an integrator of aerospace structures and assemblies, we maximize this capability to reduce risk and costs. The ongoing fabrication strategy is to transform the production processes into automated manufacturing cells using robotics to ensure cost competitiveness. Over 40% of our business is fabrication of detailed parts as end deliverables to our customers.

Critical to maintaining our performance excellence in part fabrication are program management processes geared to Tier IV work and full transparency to our customers. Avior provides visibility to our customers of part status during the production process and is committed to transparency and open communication.


Avior_Fabrication_Composite Products

Composite Products

Avior ‘s composite excellence center uses a variety of high-performance composite materials including carbon fiber and honeycomb core. Lamination is done in a certified clean room and cured in one of our many autoclaves.

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CNC Machining

Avior machining center is specialized in the fabrication of medium-sized structural components. The fabrication processes are automated for part tending. The company also specializes in final machining of castings and forgings.

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Avior_Sheet Metal_Fabrication

Sheet Metal

The sheet metal fabrication line is a complete one-stop shop for hydroforming and brake form parts. The fabrication line benefits from extensive automation and in-house heat treatment, chemical processing, and paint.

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Avior_Fabrication_Special Processes

Special Processes

A critical element of Avior Integrated Products’ strategy is its in-house welding and special processing capabilities. Avior holds many customers and Nadcap approvals such as FPI, heat treatment, anodizing, alodine, and paint.

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Avior offers complete in-house fabrication of sheet metal and machined details, as well as advanced composite components to the aerospace industry. With our program management approach to Tier IV work, we can offer our customers the highest level of performance in terms of quality and on-time delivery.