Our hybrid aircraft structures use fabricated metal and composite details to achieve the optimum balance of weight and cost. We offer full-service in-house capability from fabrication to final assembly. By leveraging our in-house fabrication capabilities, we allow for more competitive assembly times and also reduce supply chain risks.

Experts in Composite Structures

The key ingredient to lightweight structures is the use of advanced composite materials. Our extensive manufacturing capability in aerospace composite products allows us to offer a variety of options in material and part complexity. All of our hybrid structures take advantage of Avior’s broad range of capabilities in composite and metallic details.

A good example of leveraging these capabilities are structures such as engine cowls which are assemblies using machined, sheet metal, and composite components that operate in a high-temperature environment. The composite material used in these hot environments is a carbon fiber material using a BMI resin system.

We also manufacture lightweight hybrid structures such as wing leading edges, fairings, doors, and inlet ducts. All of these structures benefit from our in-house manufacturing and assembly expertise.

Avior Hybrid Lightweight Structures

Design Solutions to Optimize
Weight and Cost

Avior was recognized as a nominee for Supplier of the Year Boeing Pathfinder Award for its innovative cost reduction solutions using different materials in a hybrid aerospace structure on the Boeing 787. We provided similar solutions to DeHavilland on the Dash 8 and Honeywell on the Airbus A380. We pride ourselves on a proactive innovative approach for cost and weight reduction solutions for our customers.

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Avior Aircraft Structures Capabilities

Fixtured Assemblies Incorporating In-House Fabricated Machined, Sheet Metal and Composite Details

  • Drilling of full size holes in manufacturing to reduce assembly times.
  • Precision part fabrication and assembly tooling allowing for composite panel interchangeability.
  • Installation of seals, actuators, latches, bearings, and other purchased items.
  • Full laser-scanned inspection of assembly and tool verification.
Avior_Assembly-CRJ700 Leading Edge

Wing Leading

  • Composite skins and machined ribs
  • Composite ribs and sheet metal brackets and metal stretched formed D Nose skin.

Access Doors and
Wing Panels

  • Graphite doors with machined hinges and sheet metal brackets
  • Interchangeability
  • Tight tolerances
Avior Aircraft Hybrid Lightweight Structures

High-Temperature Composite Materials for Use
in Aircraft Hot Sections

  • Engine cowls
  • APU exhaust systems
  • Power distribution system enclosures

Avior’s customers benefit from a fully integrated supplier of composite and metallic fabricated details for lightweight structures. From fabrication to mechanical assemblies, we offer approved solutions and processes that help reduce risk and cost.