Avior has over 200 employees operating from 3 business units with a total manufacturing area of 150 000 square feet. The facilities and equipment are maintained under the management of a central facilities engineer. A maintenance and recalibration protocol is maintained as a risk mitigation strategy.

All 3 business units are fully integrated with our Carina ERP system. The company has progressed to digital work instructions and is paperless in its manufacturing.


LOCATION: Saint-Laurent, Quebec

CORE COMPETENCY: Precision machining, mechanical assembly as well as home to the ACE technology center.

The Montreal business unit is conveniently located next to the Pierre Elliot Trudeau airport. The facility has over 40,000 square feet. The business unit operates the latest in aerospace CNC machining capabilities. The ACE technology team is located here and has made significant advances in automating the fabrication processes.


Equipment and Capabilities

  • Mazak Horizontal Milling Nexus 5000 24 Palletech High-Rise FMS System

  • Hitachi Horizontal Milling, size 20” x 20” with pallet system

  • 5 Axis and 3 Axis automated robotic machining cells

  • 3 axis CNC Milling with 4th axis rotary tables, up to 20” x 40”

  • CNC lathes up to 20” dia. x 36” length

  • CMM Inspection


LOCATION: Granby, Quebec

CORE COMPETENCY: Composites and composite tool fabrication

Avior has built a world-class composite manufacturing capability in its 50,000 square feet Granby business unit. The facility is approved for composite fabrication by Boeing, Airbus, BellFlight, and Bombardier. It also has a fully accredited clean room and a suite of autoclaves for the fabrication of large aerospace composite products and structures.


Equipment and Capabilities

  • 20,000 sq. ft. clean room
  • 6 ovens: Maximum of 15’ x 29’
  • 4 autoclaves: Maximum of 9½’ x 40’
  • NC ply cutter 6’ x 22’
  • CMS Ares CNC 5-axis high-speed router 20’ x 5’ x 4’ with vacuum table and probing system
  • Automated 10-axis sidearm Ultrasonic gantry system 10’ x 5’ x 6’
  • OmniScan MX portable ultrasonic equipment
  • Static Yoke Focus PX Through-Transmission Ultrasonic equipment
  • 3 paint booths
  • 4 sanding booths
  • Portable CMM (Faro-Arm)


LOCATION: Laval, Quebec

CORE COMPETENCY: Hybrid assembly, sheet metal fabrication, welding, metal processing

The Laval business unit is over 60,000 square feet and is home to the aircraft structures business. The facility also provides a sheet metal fabrication production line and operates a fully integrated processing line for Alodine and Anodizing as finishing. This business unit is also the base for the corporate offices of engineering, finance, and executive management.

Avior_Facilities_Anodization line Laval

Equipment and Capabilities

  • 20,000 sq. ft. for fixtures and benchtop assemblies

  • Hydroforming, brake press and roll forming

  • Automatic welding
  • Metallurgical and testing laboratory
  • Metal to metal bonding
  • Alodine and Anodizing
  • FPI
  • Painting
  • Aluminum heat treatment


LOCATION: Pointe-Claire, Quebec

CORE COMPETENCY: Precision CNC machining.

The Pointe-Claire facility is located just off Highway 40 in Pointe-Claire. Covering approximately 4,500 square feet, these facilities house some of our CNC machining operations.

CNC Machining Pointe-Claire