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Aerospace Non-Destructive Testing: 6 Nadcap Approved Methods

The aerospace industry relies on the innovation of parts and materials to improve safety in the air while reducing the cost of manufacturing parts and products. The integrity of every element in an aircraft must meet strict requirements. Detecting defects in these parts is critical. Visual inspections, while technically 'non-destructive', aren’t enough to meet the quality control needs of the aerospace industry. Aerospace non-destructive testing is a way of inspecting and evaluating products that are manufactured for the aerospace industry without affecting the end product. What is Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and How is it Used in Aerospace? Since safety is [...]

Overview of Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection in Aerospace

Non-destructive testing (NDT) used in the aerospace industry plays a critical safety role in the manufacturing process of flight-critical parts and components. Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection (FPI) is one of these NDTs that allows the detection of defects in metal products. In this article, we discuss this inspection technique to better understand the important role it plays for aircraft manufacturers and how it fits into the manufacturing process. What Is Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection? Fluorescent penetrant inspection is a non-destructive testing process in which dye is applied to the surface of a material to examine for surface defects. Many metallic products are [...]

Ultrasonic Inspection of Aerospace Composites Explained

From minute cracks and checks to imperceptible voids undetectable through the use of X-ray, ultrasonic detection equipment is instrumental in the successful discovery of defects in all kinds of materials. Extensive use of composite products is standard in the aerospace industry. For this reason, continuous testing and assessment is a key strategy to detect flaws and ensure companies remain compliant. That’s where ultrasonic testing comes in—UT makes it possible to maintain the highest quality and safety levels. But how exactly does ultrasonic work and why is it so important for the aerospace industry? Let’s discuss. What Is Ultrasonic Inspection? Ultrasonic [...]

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