Avior completed the installation of its first fully automated machining cell. The cell includes a 5-axis and a 3-axis machining centers operated by a Kuka robot. The system is fully integrated with the company’s ERP system and is fed by a conveyor that loads blocks of raw material or pallets. Using unique fixturing and a custom-made bar coding system, the cell provides maximum flexibility and can accommodate any mix of production without additional set up costs. 

The following are the basic specifications of the cell: 

CNC 1 : Matsuura MX-520
Spindle : 20,000 RPM
ATC Magazine : 90 tools
Max work Size : D 21” x H 14”
CNC 2 : Mazak 510c-Hs
Spindle : 14,000 RPM
ATC Magazine : 30 tools
Max Work Size :  40” x 20”
Robot : Kuka KR120-R2500
Number of Axis : 6 
Rated Payload : 120 Kg
Maximum Reach : 2496 mm

You can learn more about our CNC machining capabilities by visiting our Aerospace CNC Machining page. Avior also operates its own Automation Center of Excellence where we are working on the development of several innovative technologies to accelerate the transformation of our business.