Avior has recently augmented its capabilities in aerospace CNC machining by completing the installation of a new Matsuura 5-axis high-speed vertical machining center. This addition is specifically targeted to boost the production of large aluminum parts essential in the aerospace industry. The Matsuura MX-850, with its substantial working envelope of D 32” x H 26”, is a significant step forward in aligning with Avior’s automation strategy. Notably, this advanced machining center will be integrated with a Kuka robot for automated parts loading, showcasing Avior’s commitment to innovation in aerospace CNC machining in CY2021.

The following are the basic specifications of this new machine:

Model : Matsuura MX-850
Spindle : 20,000 RPM
ATC Magazine : 90 tools
Max Work Size: D 32” x H 26”

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